Sapporo Japanese Restaurant

Fresh raw fish is supplied daily. We can present you with some of the best Sushi and Sashimi in Sydney.

Authentic and Modern Japanese

Sapporo offers a truly unique dining experience with its wide range of authentic and modern Japanese A La Carte dishes.

Pure Luxuary

An extensive list of sake and wines directly couriered from selected wineries

About Us

We opened on 17th of May, 1987 and are one of the most longest surviving Japanese Restaurants in Australia. Sapporo offers a truly unique dining experience with its wide range of authentic and modern Japanese A La Carte dishes. Fresh raw fish is supplied daily so we can present you with some of the best Sushi and Sashimi in Sydney. Our experienced Chefs select special dishes monthly in addition to our regular menu. Various sumptuous banquets made up of all your favourite dishes are also available. With the increase of gluten intolerance in the population, we additionally have a special coeliac (Gluten free) menu. Apart from our quality food and at home service, we are a sports and music loving restaurant. We actively support rugby in Australia and are currently sponsors for the Northern Suburb Rugby Union. On the big screens we show many of Australia’s great matches including the Super Rugby and State of Origin, as well as Sumo, Football and other significant sporting events including the Olympics. Upon huge demand we will arrange to open after midnight for matches played overseas, like the Rugby World Cup, by obtaining permission for extended trading hours. We have a live jazz performance with Australia’s top jazz musicians. We also occasionally invite Japanese musicians to perform with traditional Japanese instruments. We also contribute to local communities and have held fundraisers for the Royal North Shore Hospital Spinal Care Unit, Intensive Care Unit, the North Sydney Symphony Orchestra and Nova Youth Orchestra. Fully Licensed BYO Wine only except very special event occasions.


Willoughby Living Article about Sapporo


You can enjoy watching the Wallabies beat the All Blacks with a mug of Asashi on hand.


Important notice.

please call restaurant directly 9357-3435 , if you can not booking by internet. 

New sumo season!!!

from 8th SUN – 22nd SUN.

Live broadcast professional SUMO tournament From TOKYO,JAPAN.

Our trading hours for festive season.

21/Wed,22/Thu,23/Fri as usual.       24/Sat, lunch closed. dinner open.

25/Sun,26/Mon, closed all day.

27/Tue, Lunch closed , dinner open from 6pm.

28/Wed,29/Thu,30/Fri as usual.

31/Sat, lunch closed. dinner open from 6pm.

1/Sun/Jan,2/Mon,  closed all day.

from 3/Tue,  as usual.


Christmas EVE and NYE is NO BYO.


Live Jazz on Wed 14th December from 6:30pm.


Coedo Beer Free tasting night.

Wed,30th of Nov from 6:30pm – 8:30pm.


SUMO tournament from 13th SUN – 27th SUN.6pm – 7pm.

Enjoy watching live professional sumo tournament from Japan.


Senshin has arrived.(SAKE)

720ml $179.80 normally $239.80

60ml $17.80

150ml 44.80


One week SAKE special.

From Tue 25th to Sun 30th.

Ippin YUZU shu 720ml $59.80 Normally $89.80

Hakkaisan  1.8L $119.80 Normally $199.80

Uonuma 1.8L $89.80 Normally $149.80

Kubota Genshu 720ml $89.80 Normally $149.80



Additional event.

Soccer world cup qualifier from 9pm on 6th Thu Oct.

Live from Japan.

Japan VS Iraq


What’s on at Sapporo in October!?

All Blacks vs Wallabies

5.30 pm Saturday, 22nd


Tuesday, 11th 8 pm

Socceroos  VS Japan

Live Jazz on Wednesday, 19th

Guitar: David Smith

Bass: Craig Scott

Drums: Tim Geldens



28.09 – 30.09.2016 3days sake special.


Dassai 23 “Ottto’s Dance”        The Ultimate Sake

Yamaguchi, West of Osaka

Made from the core of rice grain being polished down to 23%

720ml bottle $119.80 Normally $199.80


Hakkaisan      “Eight Ocean Mountain”

Elegant sake from Niigata prefecture, Maclaren Vale of Sake

1.8 L bottle $119.80 Normally $199.80


Otokoyama    “Man Mountain”

Nice and Dry Sake from Hokkaido

1.8 L bottle $89.80   Normally $149.80



21.09.2016 SUMO night.

Australia SUMO Federation , John Traill coming.

also, enjoy various Lucky Door Prizes.


13.09.2016 New Chef’s Special.

Usuzukuri Sashimi – Very thinly sliced sashimi – White fish of the day. – Please ask your waiter. Served with ponzu sauce with chilli raddish. $24.80


Spring Special.


Aburi – Seared Sushi selection.

Tuna, King fish, Salmon, Wagyu Beef and Crab stick. 2 pieces each $38.00

Inari Sushi Trio.

Sushi in a bean bag – Inari sushi are tasty little pouches of sweetened soy flavoured tofu skins. Originating from Tokyo. They are named after Inari – the androgynous god of foxes, fertility, rice and sake. We have chosen 3 great toppings: crispy spicy salmon skin, Wagyu beef and cooked Tuna & Avocado.  $13.80


What’s on in September at Sapporo!?


Paralynpics from 7th Tue to 18th Sun.

Live(from TOKYO) Broadcast  Professional SUMO tournament from 11th SUN – 25th SUN.

SUMO Q&A Night. 21st Wed – Lucky Door Prizes!!

Rugby Wallabies VS Sringboks 10th Sat from 8pm.

Rugby Wallabies VS Pumas 17th Sat from 6pm.



What’s on in August at Sapporo!?

Rio Olympics from Saturday 6th to Sunday 21st

Live Jazz on Wednesday, 17th 6.30 pm & 8.30 pm

Bledisloe Cup Match 1 8pm Saturday, 20th

Bledisloe Cup Match 2 5.30 pm Saturday, 27th


Olympic Special!!!

Brazillian Cachaca Style Cocktail $12.00

Olympic Wagyu Sushi Rolls 5 pieces $12.00

“Temakira” Sushi Hand Rolls

Crumbed Oyster with Tartar Sauce $8.00      Salmon,Cream cheese and Chives $8.80

Vegetables with Salsa Sauce $8.80   Grilled Salmon Skin $8.80



26.07.2017-31.07.2016 Super SAKE combo deal.

one week only. until Sunday,July 31st.

A bottle (720ml) of elegant Dassai 23, rice polished down to 23 % and a bottle (720ml) of famous Kubota Genshu, undiluted sake with thick texture and rich flavour

ONLY $199.8(Normally $349.6)

24.07.2016 Open at 5.30 pm Sumo Nagoya Tournament Final Day!


SUMO Nagoya Tournament special.

Eel kiri sushi $18.00

Please see more detail at Menu (Nagoya  sumo special).


20.06.2016 SUMO night.

Former Oceanian Amateur Sumo Champion Johnofuji will explain about Sumo inside out.


13.06.2016 State of ORIGIN.

Enjoy watching live STATE of ORIGIN at our big screen(inside and outside).


12.06.2016 Limited stock only.


60ml Glass $10.00 /150ml $25.00 / 300ml $48.00 / Bottle(720ml) $109.80(Normally $149.80)


10.07 – 24.07.2016 Live SUMO tournament from Nagoya!

You can enjoy watching at big screen (inside and outside restaurant.)

28.06-30.06.2016 Clearance SAKE sale!!!

Plz see our sake special menu.


25.06.2016 Enjoy watching the rugby match.

All Blacks VS Wales   and   Australia VS England


22.06.2016 State of Origin.

Must book now!!


21.06.2016 New House Special available.

Deep Fried School Prawns  $12.80


18.06.2016  Watch The Rugby Much.

You can enjoy watching at our big screen.

All Blacks VS Wales          Australia VS England

Must book now!!


17.06.2016 New Wine List Available.

Please see our  new wine list.


15.06.2016  New winter Lunch Special available.

・ Wagyu sukiyaki hot pot $19.80  ・  Ishikari Salmon hot pot $19.80
・ Bukkake Udon Sushi set $19.80  ・  Aburi Salmon Don and Lobster Miso Soup set $24.80


07.06.2016 Enjoy watching “Socceroos” from 8pm at big screen.


04.06.2016 Enjoy watching “Socceroos” from 8pm at big screen.


01.06.2016 Enjoy watching “State of ORIGIN’ at our big screen from 8pm.


28.05.2016  Note

From June next month, every Saturday will become fully licensed and no BYO.  However every other night on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, we will continue to accept BYO (except for nights with special events).


24.05.2016 New Chef’s special Available.

Hokke Hiraki $29.80

Grilled semi dried Hokke Fish. The most popular fish menu in Japanese Izakaya pubs.Tasty and easy to eat.

10.05.2016 wine list update.New ROSE available.

2014 Peninsula Panorama,Mornington Peninsula,Vic  $42.00


Enjoy watching Live professional SUMO tournament from TOKYO,Japan.start from 6pm.

Tokyo SUMO special
Inari sushi trio $13.80        Chankonabe Hot Pot for 2-3 people $79.80


08.05.2016 NO BYO on Mother’s day.


28.04.2016 Sake all brand free tasting from 6:00pm.

Our local Sake Master Peter Gibson


24.04.2016 Ippin Free sake tasting from 6:00pm.

Sake Master Satoshi from Ippin Sake


15.04.2016 Premium Wagyu Beef Sushi $6.50

Smokey seared flavour of the Wagyu marry’s well with the sweeten soy, surprising you with a mouthful of satisfaction!


14.04.2016 New sake arrival!!!(10 kind of SAKE)

Ippin Daiginjo , Urakasumi , Kubota Koju , Suigei,Shingetsu , Yuki no bousha , Kuroushi , Garyubai , Urakasumi Nama , Urakasumi Zen, Ippin yuzushu

PLz see more detail from new sake list.


11.04.2016 Autumn special !!!

new chef special arrived. 3 dishes. plz see more detail at “chef’s special”

“Butakakuni”,”Grilled Hokkaido Scallop” and “Ishikari Hot Pot”


31.03.2016 New Japanese Scotch available.

Suntory HIBIKI – Single Malt $19.00 per glass,Nikka TAKETSURU – Single Malt $17.00 per glass,

Nikka From the Barrel – Single Malt $15.00 per glass


30.03.2016 New Chef ‘s Special available.

Mild Spicy Soy Chicken – Tori Kara Amakara Ae

Chicken fillet cooked with mild spicy soy flavoured sauce.   $15.80


27.03.2016  Free Sake Tasting of Ippin Brand!!!

  Sake Master Satoshi will explain his Ippin brand sake on Sunday, 27th of March

(Final Day of Sumo)


18.03.2016 New Dessert Available.

Chocolate Swiss Rolls Cake with green tea ice cream $7.80


17.03.2016    EASTER Trading Hours.

25th Good Friday   Lunch closed Dinner open from 6:00pm.

26th Saturday        Lunch closed Dinner open from 6:00pm.

27th Easter Sunday Lunch closed Dinner open from 6:00pm.

28th Easter Monday  Lunch closed Dinner closed.


13.03.2016-27.03.2016  Live Professional SUMO tournament Osaka JAPAN from 18:00-20:00

we offer sumo sushi special $19.80 and free sake tasting with sake master (IPPIN BRAND) on 20th Sun and 27th Sun.


08.03.2016 New SAKE available.

YAMATO SHIZUKU from AKITA on the menu.

05.03.2016  Update new menu.

Osaka SUMO special menu start from 12th Sun.

Osaka SUSHI $19.80    Takoyaki 8p  $12.80

To see more detail our menu.



27.02.2016 New Dessert  Available.

Coffee Jelly Panna Cotta.(instead of Vanilla and Chocolate Panna Cotta.) $7.80


11.02.2016  New Dessert Menu.

Vanilla and Chocolate Panna Cotta. Served with green ta ice cream    $7.80

Green tea Swiss Rolls cake. Served with black sesame ice cream      $7.80


08.02.2016 Valentine’s day special.

Valentine’s day dinner  for 2 $70 per person.and Sukiyaki Hot Date Dinner for 2 $70.00



05.02.2016 New Chef Special Available. “Buri Daikon” and “Miso Salmon”.

Please check chef special menu.


03.02.2016 Chinese New Year Special Menu until 7th Feb.(Otoro,Hairy Crab,SAKE)

please see our Menu.


28.01.2016  New Super Sake Available.(SENSHIN & DASSAI23)

Please see sake menu.


20.01.2016  Update CHEF’S SPECIAL. Please see our MENU.


03.01.2016  Congratulations!!! The winner of Sapporo Christmas lucky draw.

$300 value hotel vouchers,Wallabies signed ball, Sapporo Special Hampers.


01.01.2016    A Happy New Year!!!



(Only sushi counter seat.Max 5 people.Every TUE,WED.THU lunch & dinner.Booking Available.)


21.12.2015 Started New Lunch Menu (SUSHI BENTO $19.80 , SUSHI& SASHIMI BENTO $24.80 , SASHIMI BENTO $29.80)

Please see more detail by MENU.